Happy January - Happy New Year

We are almost through January and I hope you are enjoying 2015. The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by.  
Speaking of time flying by, I learned a very valuable lesson last year after losing a dear friend to cancer (2 weeks from diagnosis to death). Time goes fast enough. Don’t make yourself so busy that you can’t take quality time to spend with friends and family. None of us know what tomorrow will bring, and God surrounds us with friends and family for a reason.
New Years’ Resolution
I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions, but since I am a “workaholic” and I struggle to pull myself away from my job, this year I am going to try to follow my husband’s advice.
“Pray hard, Work hard and Play hard”.
Life is just too short to have it revolve around work. And even though my job is a “ministry” I need to have time away from it to fill myself back up again. It’s not going to be an easy transition, but nothing worth doing ever is. I will let you all know how it goes.
New Christmas Project (praying about it)
And as I mentioned in previous newsletters, I am working on a budget for a New Advent/Christmas Project. I will keep you posted if that all works out. We will start recording that, in Nashville, this summer, if it’s “meant to be”. 
Thank you, for your continued prayers and support. I’d like to end with a recap of the Advent Tour that wrapped up 2014 for this ministry. Thank you to all of the wonderful people, parishes and pastors who made me feel so welcome during Advent. I pray you were blessed by the music and message.


P.S. Daisy (Our Dog/Child with Degenerative Myelopathy) is still getting around on her own. We can’t believe it. We thought she would be in her wheelchair by now. This really shouldn’t surprise us though. She’s always been stubborn. Thanks for your continued prayers on that too.

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