Happy Valentine's Everyone!

“365 Days of Love” Challenge.
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As we celebrate this feast day of St. Valentine (Feb 14th),
I encourage you to think about how love can be shared 365 days per year.
Seek out someone each day and help them to feel loved.

Pete and I were in Golden Corral Restaurant waiting to go thru line.
There was a homeless man in front of us whose sandals were broken and about to fall off.
I looked at his feet and then looked at Pete’s feet.
Yes,I was going to give away my husband’s shoes. LOL.
Luckily, there was a Fred Meyer next door and we walked over there
and bought this man some new sandals. We also bought his meal.

There is need all around us.
Sometimes it’s as easy as tossing a smile to someone who is
having a terrible day and offering some words of encouragement.
Don’t make it too hard. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be shy…

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