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a married couple, Both Converts to the Catholic Faith
(a former Mormon and a former Seventh-Day Adventist)
Now Imagine..
One has worked for over 13 years in full time youth and young adult ministry for the Catholic Church
and now works as a therapist at a counseling agency using his Masters in Social Work.
The other is a Catholic Recording Artist and Speaker
who has travelled internationally and done full time ministry for over 18 years.
Too Crazy to be True?...  Not for a second!

Meet Pete and Jaime

There is no doubt that Jaime’s music and message are both beautiful and powerful. However, what if we told you that you could double the effectiveness of her visit to your church by booking a parish mission that includes Jaime and her husband, a former Catholic youth minister and powerful speaker now working as a therapist using his Masters degree in Social Work.  

Both converts to the Catholic Church (one a former Mormon and the other a former Seventh-Day Adventist), they have a true passion for their faith.

Whenever Jaime and Pete travel somewhere together to minister they leave an impression that simply never goes away.  Whether it is youth retreats and pro life conferences in New Zealand, Parish talks and concerts in Hawaii, or pro life banquets across the United States, Jaime and Pete always leave everyone blessed, entertained, and inspired to live their faith.

Missions with Jaime and Pete are best for ages 10 and up!



About Pete

Jean Pierre “Pete” Espil is a convert to the Catholic Church.  He has worked with youth and young adults for 21 years in a variety of settings including group homes, alternative schools, detention centers, and treatment centers.  He spent 13 years in full time ministry serving in 4 different parishes in three different states.  These years included two years as a campus minister at a large, Catholic High school and 3 years at a Catholic center as the Campus minister on the campus of one of Idaho’s three major universities. He is the author of three books and has traveled and shared his talks with ALL AGES (not just teenagers)  in a variety of places and settings.  He received his Bachelor degree in Linguistics from Boise State University and his Masters in Social Work from Utah State University. He is also an oblate in the Benedictine tradition. He currently works as a counselor at a local agency. When he isn’t working, he enjoys hunting, martial arts, and spending time with his wife and their rescue dogs. 

Mission Themes

1. The Beatitudes
In Pete’s talk on his conversion, listeners are introduced to a former friend of Pete’s named Fr. Simeon.  He was a Benedictine monk who introduced Pete to the richness of the Beatitudes while he acted as Pete’s spiritual advisor.  Since that time, Pete has devoted hundreds of hours to the study of and application of the beatitudes. 

In this mission, Pete and Jaime use music and the spoken word to help participants begin their own love affair with, what Pete refers to as, “the most important sermon in the history of Christianity; the Beatitudes.”

2. Our Journey to the Catholic Faith
Imagine a devout, married couple made up of a former Mormon and a former Seventh Day Adventist.  Now imagine that one of them is a Catholic recording artist and the other has worked with youth and young adults for 21 years, 13 in full time youth ministry for the Catholic Church.  Too crazy to be true?  Not for a second. 
Meet Jaime and Pete. 

In this Parish mission you will hear their conversion stories and how God directed both of them to the Catholic Church against “all odds.”  You will hear how, over time, walls created by fundamentalist teachings, prejudice and even addiction, were broken down by the Holy Spirit so that Jaime and Pete could both find their way into the beauty of the Catholic Faith.  You will laugh, you will cry and you will be inspired by their words.  Above all, you will leave having fallen in love with the Catholic Faith all over again.

3. Making Sense Out Of Suffering

Whether we like it or not, we are all forced to deal with the reality of suffering. It can be hard to understand in the midst of difficult times why God would ask us to endure such struggles. In this presentation, Jaime and Pete draw from personal experience, scripture, theological works and other writings to help make sense out of God's use for suffering. They use personal stories and music in this presentation to help make it relevant for all audiences and they provide insight into the reasons for suffering as well as practical tools for coping with the tests God asks us to endure. 


For availability and pricing, please use the "contact" page. 
We would love to discuss options that would best fit your parish.

Missions average 1.5 - 2 hours each day, depending on how the
parish wants to set it up.
 (1,2 & 3 day options available)

Just think, most movies are about 2 hours long.
A parish mission with Jaime and Pete
will entertain your mind, your heart, and your soul
in a way that most movies will not.
At this time, Jaime and Pete are only able to give
5-6 parish missions per year due to Pete's work schedule.
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